Shipton Gorge Heritage





About Us

Shipton Gorge Heritage Ltd was set up in 2006 as a charitable company to own, manage and protect assets within the parish of Shipton Gorge so that they remain under the common ownership of residents and are managed for the benefit of the residents and according to their wishes.  It became a registered charity (No. 1121571) in 2007.


There are currently six trustees of Shipton Gorge Heritage:

Philippa Young  (Chairperson)

Mary Boughton (Secretary)

Steve Young

Colin Chambers

Liz Langran





Meetings will be open to ALL residents in the parish*, whether they are members of Shipton Gorge Heritage or not, as we hope that this will give an opportunity for anyone who wants to know more about the charity to come along and maybe even be enthused enough to join.  Sometimes meetings have to take place with little notice, but in future, whenever it is possible, members will be informed of meeting dates by email and notices will posted on the village noticeboards and put into the Bride Valley News rather than members being contacted individually.


*Non residents of the parish who are considering joining as associate members can also come along to see if becoming a member is for them. Please contact us to let us have numbers.